Bho-Yak is also popularly celebrated as ‘Ap Chundu’s’ birthday. The festival begins at Lhakhang Karpo, the residence of the local deity. As early as 2.30am, the monastic body recites prayers to appease Ap Chundu until 5.30am. After that, Ap Chundu’s ride, a well-decorated horse, is brought to the lhakhang from the new dzong area and a cleansing ceremony is performed. Led in a traditional ‘Chipdrel’ procession with sounds of drums, bells and singing of melodious traditional songs of praises and wellwishes for all sentient beings, Ap Chundu is then ushered to Janka-kha, the place where the actual event for the day is held. As the Chipdrel proceeds, it is compulsory that they stop at the old Haa dzong for the marchang ceremony.

 Stopping at around six different places on the way for traditional ‘Marchang Ceremony’ (wine-offering ceremony), the procession takes around four hours and covers around 10km, making it the longest Chipdrel processions in the country. The procession is then greeted by a cheerful crowd dressed in their best colourful attire at Jankakha.

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